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We are always in the market for reclaimed granite and stone! If you have granite or stone on your property please contact us today and we would be happy to give you an initial estimate on the value of your stone. We handle stone with care. If you have a boulder or unique stone that requires special attention please contact us today for a quote.


Please fill out the for below if you have granite or stone you would like to sell.

Hand Split Granite Hitching Posts

We have more granite than we have ever had before! Come out to Charlton and pick your unique stones for any type of landscaping or masonry application.

These posts were made to line a driveway. Rings were installed to allow chain to be hung between posts. Twenty posts were made in all for this project.

The granite was sourced from South St in Ware, Ma. We had over two thousand feet of reclaimed granite salvaged from the streets of Ware. Many of the largest pieces still sit in our Charlton, MA stoneyard.

Contact us today @ stoneofnewengland@gmail.com of 508-248-4044

Granite Hitching Posts

Reclaimed Bluestone Patio

We have just reclaimed over one thousand square feet of pristine Reclaimed Bluestone. This random assortment of sizes ranges from 12″x12″ up to larger 24″x36″ stones. The thickness averages 1.5″ and the top weathered surface has a natural cleft finish. This would be ideal for any patio or walkway.




Weathered Granite Bollards

Sometimes your lucky enough to be around at the right time and the right place. This is one of those times. We have salvaged 65 granite bollards that have been sitting in the woods for more than forty years. The stones , likely over one hundred years old, were removed and had been sitting around waiting to be discovered.

Each granite bollard is covered in heavy lichen and patina. The weathering wraps the corners and extends from top to bottom. It’s rare to see this type of weathering on so many pieces.


Apex tops dress most of the posts. The piece pictured below is one of thirteen identical in finish but varying in exposed length.





Unique Granite Bollards and Posts

IMG_4807We are fortunate to have been able to purchase 65 unique granite bollards and posts. They average 5′ tall and there are multiple finishes and pointed top details.  Contact us today if you are interested in any type of reclaimed granite stone posts or natural stone accent. We have thousands of pieces in stock ready to be shipped.



Warren Public Library

Here is a beautiful example of Richardsonian Romanesque Architecture. This is the public library in Warren , MA. The building was opened in 1889.

IMG_20160219_0003 IMG_20160219_0004

Taken from the Warren Public Library Website”

“Architect Amos P. Cutting of Worcester was engaged to design this Richardson Romanesque building, using Monson pink granite and Longmeadow brownstone.   The firm of Patrick Beston of Springfield did the construction.  The new Library building was dedicated July 4, 1890 with appropriate exercises, involving Officers of the Town and the Warren Public Library corporation and Building Committee.  Inscribed in the granite over the door are the words “Free too All.”  A plaque on the wall to the right reads “WPL – A Gift of Friends.””

library2The above quote mentions Monson Pink. This would be interesting to know if this is true and also a Norcross Bros. stone. I was alway under the impression this was Milford Pink Granite.

Madison Boulder, White Mountains

Madison Boulder is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  It measures 83′ long x 23′ high and is 37′ wide. The boulder weighs over 5000 tons. For more info about this boulder and many others like it join us at http://www.stonesofthepast.com where we hypothesize the idea these stones were moved and shaped by hand.





Historic Senoia ,Georgia

We were proud to have been asked to create Hand Split Granite Posts for the Historic Town of Senoia , GA. Our skilled stonesmith , Patrick Berthiaume , split these stones from larger blocks using traditional methods . These blocks were originally the foundation for the Odd Fellow’s home in Worcester, MA. One day we hope to visit these stones in their new home.





Stones of The Past


Are you interested in ancient cultures, boulders, Native peoples, stonework and the mysteries of the New England Landscape? If you are please join us at http://www.stonesofthepast.com It is a work in progress. I detail many of the sacred stones discovered on sites in Central Massachusetts and beyond.



Odd Fellow’s Home – Worcester , MA

OddFellowPostFront IMG_20160218_0004

The Odd Fellow’s home in Worcester was taken down in 2015. Stone of New England and Camosse Masonry Supply salvaged all of the granite from the building. Our Charlton yard as a large stock of remaining steps and trim stone.


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