New England Fieldstone Inventory

We have a great selection of palletized New England Fieldstone. Pictured below are Select Flats . These stones are 1″-4″ thick and generally have blocky flat faces. This stone is ideal for small garden walls .

Palletized New ENgland Fieldstone

Our most popular examples of palletized New England Fieldstone would be what we call Wall Run. This is stone of all shapes and sizes. Most will be round with the occasional flat cap stone or stepper included in the pallet. This is ideal for recreating an authentic New England Fieldstone wall. We ship pallets across the country and can quote an size job big or small.

Palletized New England Fielstone - Wall Run

For patios and walkways New England Fieldstone Garden Path pallets are exceptional. Each pallet contains roughly 10-15 stones ranging in size from 2 sqft up to 6 sqft . These stones can be bought individually be the weight or by full pallet. We would be happy to help assist estimating your project including all the required materials for prep work.



Flint and Hammer Stone Discovery

We recently salvaged a pile of Flint in the woods of North Brookfield, MA. The stone is not likely native to the area and much is still a mystery about its origins. We hope to learn some traditional flint knapping techniques in the near future.


Pile of Flint

While we were stacking the flint from the ground into a wooden crate I came across this rounded stone. I put it in my back pocket with the thought that it might be an unsplit piece of flint. When getting back to the office we began handling the stone and realized its ergonomic shape was not likely a natural formation but rather shaped by mans hand.



Granite Millstone

A good friend of ours discovered this treasure while excavating a property in Spencer , MA. Its original use was as a Millstone likely used in a local mill. After retiring from its day job it rest on top of an artisan well only to be buried by decades of dirt and leaves.

It’s not often you find a millstone or a wellstone. It’s very rare when you find them both in the same stone.



Rumford Fireplace Distributor

Camosse Masonry Supply located in Charlton and Worcester , MA are distributors of Superior Clay products. We can order any size bake oven or rumored fireplace that your project calls for. In addition we have finished pots to order and traditional clay liners in stock.

Here is an example of a traditional Rumford Fireplace design. The skilled staff at Superior Clay will help us design any chimney and fireplace.

Contact Camosse Masonry Supply at 508.248.4044 – Charlton,  or 508.755.6193 – Worcester.


Rumford Fireplace Training



Tuesday October 25, 2016 8am-12pm

Coffee & Lunch


Title: Masonry Fireplace and Masonry Chimney

Design and Construction

Presenter: Superior Clay Corporation , Uhrichsville Ohio


Dana Martini

36 Years Experience with Superior Clay Corp.


Technical Service Presentation:


2.5 hour– Powerpoint Presentation – Detailed description and discussion of proper masonry fireplace and masonry chimney design and construction issues. Cover important IRC code issues. Also will discuss in detail issues of air requirements, air pressure and efficiency with the operation of wood burning masonry fireplaces.


1.5 hour- Dry stack firebox, throat, damper and smoke chamber.

Learning Objectives:


1) You go away with a clearer understanding of important Safety and Code issues that pertainto the design and construction of site built masonry fireplaces.


2) You have a better understanding of what makes a fireplace work. Some of the basic physicsthat are at work.


3) We will discuss what measures can be done that even though may not be requirements of the codes, we can improve the overall performance of the fireplace and the masonry chimney system.


4) Also for this seminar we will briefly discuss clay bake oven construction.




New York Tek Spec 3.5

Superior Clay Corporation Product Catalog


Odd Fellows Home Reclaimed Granite

We have an abundance of reclaimed granite from the Odd Fellows Home in Worcester, MA. The building was taken down in 2014-2015. We were able to salvage most of the granite sills, window trim and foundation stone. We also have  granite steps from the same project.

The stones pictured below have one edge that is beveled. This stone would be ideal for a custom granite fireplace surround. It could be used inside or out. We have over one hundred feet of this granite in stock.


Every window in the Odd Fellows Home has a granite sill and surround. Most sills have a traditional finished face and beveled top. We have used these for all types of landscaping or masonry applications.


Pictured below are dozens of granite window sills salvaged from Worcester, MA.


Lichen and Moss

These are a few of my favorite things.






Stones of the Past

Rocks have been shaped by the hands of men for tens of thousands of years. I’ve discovered dozens of larger than life stone sculptures created by an ancient civilization.

Join me on my journey of discovery at


An Amazing Stone

Sometimes words are not needed.

Granite Wellstone

We Buy Granite!


We are always in the market for reclaimed granite and stone! If you have granite or stone on your property please contact us today and we would be happy to give you an initial estimate on the value of your stone. We handle stone with care. If you have a boulder or unique stone that requires special attention please contact us today for a quote.


Please fill out the for below if you have granite or stone you would like to sell.

Hand Split Granite Hitching Posts

We have more granite than we have ever had before! Come out to Charlton and pick your unique stones for any type of landscaping or masonry application.

These posts were made to line a driveway. Rings were installed to allow chain to be hung between posts. Twenty posts were made in all for this project.

The granite was sourced from South St in Ware, Ma. We had over two thousand feet of reclaimed granite salvaged from the streets of Ware. Many of the largest pieces still sit in our Charlton, MA stoneyard.

Contact us today @ of 508-248-4044

Granite Hitching Posts

Reclaimed Bluestone Patio

We have just reclaimed over one thousand square feet of pristine Reclaimed Bluestone. This random assortment of sizes ranges from 12″x12″ up to larger 24″x36″ stones. The thickness averages 1.5″ and the top weathered surface has a natural cleft finish. This would be ideal for any patio or walkway.




Weathered Granite Bollards

Sometimes your lucky enough to be around at the right time and the right place. This is one of those times. We have salvaged 65 granite bollards that have been sitting in the woods for more than forty years. The stones , likely over one hundred years old, were removed and had been sitting around waiting to be discovered.

Each granite bollard is covered in heavy lichen and patina. The weathering wraps the corners and extends from top to bottom. It’s rare to see this type of weathering on so many pieces.


Apex tops dress most of the posts. The piece pictured below is one of thirteen identical in finish but varying in exposed length.





Unique Granite Bollards and Posts

IMG_4807We are fortunate to have been able to purchase 65 unique granite bollards and posts. They average 5′ tall and there are multiple finishes and pointed top details.  Contact us today if you are interested in any type of reclaimed granite stone posts or natural stone accent. We have thousands of pieces in stock ready to be shipped.



Warren Public Library

Here is a beautiful example of Richardsonian Romanesque Architecture. This is the public library in Warren , MA. The building was opened in 1889.

IMG_20160219_0003 IMG_20160219_0004

Taken from the Warren Public Library Website”

“Architect Amos P. Cutting of Worcester was engaged to design this Richardson Romanesque building, using Monson pink granite and Longmeadow brownstone.   The firm of Patrick Beston of Springfield did the construction.  The new Library building was dedicated July 4, 1890 with appropriate exercises, involving Officers of the Town and the Warren Public Library corporation and Building Committee.  Inscribed in the granite over the door are the words “Free too All.”  A plaque on the wall to the right reads “WPL – A Gift of Friends.””

library2The above quote mentions Monson Pink. This would be interesting to know if this is true and also a Norcross Bros. stone. I was alway under the impression this was Milford Pink Granite.

Madison Boulder, White Mountains

Madison Boulder is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  It measures 83′ long x 23′ high and is 37′ wide. The boulder weighs over 5000 tons. For more info about this boulder and many others like it join us at where we hypothesize the idea these stones were moved and shaped by hand.





Historic Senoia ,Georgia

We were proud to have been asked to create Hand Split Granite Posts for the Historic Town of Senoia , GA. Our skilled stonesmith , Patrick Berthiaume , split these stones from larger blocks using traditional methods . These blocks were originally the foundation for the Odd Fellow’s home in Worcester, MA. One day we hope to visit these stones in their new home.





Stones of The Past


Are you interested in ancient cultures, boulders, Native peoples, stonework and the mysteries of the New England Landscape? If you are please join us at It is a work in progress. I detail many of the sacred stones discovered on sites in Central Massachusetts and beyond.



Odd Fellow’s Home – Worcester , MA

OddFellowPostFront IMG_20160218_0004

The Odd Fellow’s home in Worcester was taken down in 2015. Stone of New England and Camosse Masonry Supply salvaged all of the granite from the building. Our Charlton yard as a large stock of remaining steps and trim stone.


East Brookfield Train Station


We were very fortunate to have been able to carefully salvage the East Brookfield Train Station. The station had sadly burnt down . The station was designed by Henry H. Richardson and stone was quarried from Norcross Bros. properties. Both Kibbe Brownstone and Milford Pink Granite were used on this station.

The Big Cat


Together Again


In the life of a granite curb it’s handled dozens of times while being cut, shipped, installed, removed , salvaged, sorted and then packaged for the client. It was by pure chance that these two stones were reunited,  Just in the three months these stones were in our yard we moved them four times before palletizing them as shown above.

One in a million.


New England Fieldstone 

We have just received dozens of pallets of New England Fieldstone. The pallets shown below are Wall Run and a consistent mix  of flat and round stones. These pallets average 2800lbs-3000lbs. Most stones are still weathered and the packaging is unlike any other supplier. Contact us today for your New England

Hand Split Granite Fence Posts

We create one of a kind hand split granite posts using reclaimed and salvaged stones from across New England.

Let our unique craftsmanship shine through on your next landscape or masonry project.



Spring is HERE!

Spring is here and we are ready to help with any landscaping or masonry project.  We ship nationwide ! Contact us today for any stone need.

Bronze Raven on Granite Post

                                                   Bronze Raven on Granite Post

Large Weathered Stone Slabs

We have a wide selection of large weathered fieldstone slabs. These stones have been carefully salvaged from barn foundations and local properties. Most have evidence of being split by hand hundreds of years ago.

The two stones shown below were split in half by the farmer building the foundation. Only the narrow face of the stone was shown in the wall. Each stone is roughly 36″ x 72″ and 12″ thick.


Oversized Weathered Granite Slab

Oversized Weathered Granite Slab

Oversized Stone Slabs

Oversized Stone Slabs

Reclaimed Granite Landings & Steps

We have a great inventory of reclaimed granite from the Odd Fellow’s Home in Worcester, MA. These stones were once included in the massive stone foundation and trim stones along the brick veneer. Dimensions will range from 12″-30″ wide x 24″-84″ long. We do have limited amounts of longer and wider stock. Please contact us today if you are looking for authentic reclaimed New England granite and stone .                                                                                                                                                                                                                 landings

Custom Fabrication of Reclaimed Granite

We love custom fabrication, hand splitting and rock-facing. There’s no job to big or small for us to tackle. Contact us today if your interested in reclaimed granite or stone products. Our inventory has continued to grow over the season and we’ve never had more granite in stock.

Carbide Chisel and Hammer

Carbide Chisel and Hammer

Custom Fireplace Surrounds


Let us create you a one of a kind reclaimed granite fireplace surround. We can design a granite feature for any landscape or masonry application.

Contact us today if you are interested in natural stone veneer products or accents such as this fireplace surround.

A Stocked Yard!


A Picture’s worth a thousand words.

Reclaimed Granite Curbing

We have thousands of feet of reclaimed granite curbing. This stone has been salvaged from across New England. We offer a variety of sizes and lengths and build orders to suit your specific needs. Contact us today for any size order big or small.


Reclaimed Granite Curbing

Reclaimed Granite Curbing

Granite Window Sills

Here is a collection of Granite Window Sills reclaimed from the Odd Fellow Home in Worcester, Ma.


Granite Window Sills

Granite Window Sills

Granite Stepping Stones

We have a large inventory of shorter granite curbing ideal for steppers . This material was salvaged from local streets and would look great along side New England Fieldstone.

Reclaimed Granite Stepping Stones

Reclaimed Granite Stepping Stones

Odd Fellow – Quarter Round Granite Trimstone


We have been bringing in trim stone from the Odd Fellow Home in Worcester, MA.  This granite has a unique quarter round edge that would be ideal for a fireplace surround or banding design in a masonry veneer. We have over two hundred linear feet of this one of a kind granite.

Colonial Stone Home

We will be inventorying this beautiful stone foundation and veneer. The hand split granite is used from the basement to the roofline. In addition we are salvaging unique items such as hearthstones and steps. This home was built in the 1800’s in Charlton, MA



Used Cobblestones

We have a great selection of used cobbles from local mills and city streets. Contact us today if you are interested in any type of reclaimed granite or stone products.



Round Stones

Here are a number of unique stones that have been salvaged over the years. Millstones and Wellstones are the true jewel of any New England Stone collector.

These stones were all hand crafted over 100 years ago.


Granite Wellstone in Center

Granite Wellstone in Center

Granite Wellstone

Granite Wellstone

Projects Over the Years…

Reclaimed Sills in Stock

Reclaimed Sills in Stock

Reclaimed stone inventory in Charlton, MA

Reclaimed stone inventory in Charlton, MA


Leominster Granite Veneer

Leominster Granite Veneer

The Millbury Estate

The Millbury Estate


Odd Fellows’ Home – Worcester, MA




We are happy to announce that the granite inventory from the Odd Fellows’ Home in Worcester , MA will be arriving to our yard this week. There are hundreds of feet of bull-nose capstone, lintels, steps and more.

From Wikipedia

“The large three story brick building was designed by Baker & Nourse and constructed in 1890-92 as a charitable facility for the aged and sick. The Romanesque building’s most prominent feature is a projecting central pavilion that rises a full five stories. The building was enlarged in 1902, and had capacity for 110 residents”

oddfellows1 oddfellows2

The Family Stone

We just acquired this stone from a local collector and salvage specialist. This stone once sat below the waters of the Quabbin.  This stone is not for sale and will remain in our family for generations to come. The Family Stone will be shared between four family homes. Every year the stone will move locations and a party will follow! It will be a great way to stay connected.






Granite Gate Posts

These two beautiful granite gate posts were cleaned and installed as a front entrance. They are 18″ square and were once installed in front of a mill in central Massachusetts. Contact Stone of New England for any custom granite posts.


Granite Gate Posts Refurbished

Granite Gate Posts Refurbished

Granite Hitching Posts

We hand craft one of a kind granite posts for any application. Our inventory consists of various colors and sizes. Contact us today if you are interested in reclaimed granite for your landscaping or masonry project.


Salmon Color Granite with Iron Ring

Salmon Color Granite with Iron Ring

Millyard Granite Hitching Post

Millyard Granite Hitching Post

18th Century Granite Foundation

We recently salvaged this foundation for a 1780s home . These stones would be ideal for steps or wall caps.

Contact is today for one of a kind reclaimed stones.


Estate Posts

We recently acquired these amazing entrance posts.

Please contact us for any granite post needs.



We Deliver Everywhere!

North , South, East or West , Stone of New England will travel the distance to provide you with unique reclaimed materials. We deliver to Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire , Vermont and Nation-Wide. Contact us today !

Reclaimed Granite Cobblestones


We have a great inventory of reclaimed granite cobblestones. These make great walking surfaces or can be used for edging along a garden or patio.

Reclaimed Granite Lamp Posts

We were recently asked to create four Reclaimed Granite Lamp Posts for a customer in Newburyport. These granite window sills were salvaged from one of our first mill projects. They measure roughly 9″ square and 8’6″ long. We used the sloped side of the stone to mount a copper conduit to. This prevented us from having to core drill through the center. A costly and risky task.

At Stone of New England we can present multiple options for any job. Our customer choose between these sills and other hand split granite posts.



We were able to remove concrete and most debris from the stone with out giving it an entire facelift. The lower stones are uncleaned.


The copper is tied into the vinyl mount and ready for a fixture.







Goodbye Granite!

We had one of our best loads go out to one of our best customers! This load was filled with foundation stones from the Millbury Estate, the Webster House, The Leominster Victorian and hand split posts and steps from a half dozen other wonderful properties. We are a one stop shop for all things stone!


New England Thin Field Stone

We currently have a great inventory of all shapes and sizes of New England Field Stone. These are pallets of New England Field Stone Thin Wall. Every stone is gorgeous in these pallets. They can be mixed into any New England Field Stone project.


New England Thin Fieldstone

New England Thin Fieldstone

New England Thin Fieldstone

New England Thin Fieldstone

Unique Granite Accent Stones

Last year we salvaged the veneer from a Worcester Hospital on Belmont St. The corners and windows were all dressed with angled stones. We have hundreds of unique stones perfect for any New England Field stone wall or a masonry fireplace surround.

Granite Accent Stone Granite Accent Stones Granite Accent Stones

Granite Barn Foundation

These stones were salvaged from the foundation of a 1780’s Federal Home. The hand hewn edges are one of a kind . These will make ideal steps or wall caps.

Reclaimed Granite Foundation from 1780's Barn

Reclaimed Granite Foundation from 1780’s Barn

Hand Split Granite Posts

Hand Split Granite Posts

Hand Split Granite Posts

We have a large inventory of granite ideal for splitting into posts. These stones were split from our Millyard Granite.

Art in Stone

Lelandville, Charlton, Ma

Lelandville, Charlton, Ma

Colonels Mountain - Eastern Face

Colonels Mountain – Eastern Face

Granite Hitching Posts

We produce dozens of granite hitching posts each year for clients. Our large inventory of granite allows us to give you many options for each job. We stock many unique colors of reclaimed and salvaged granite and stone for hitching posts. We use traditional methods of splitting the stone to insure an authentic look.

Do you have old hardware you would like us to install as well? We are able to help create any ideas you may have. Contact us today for more info about hand split granite hitching posts.

Hand Split Granite Posts

Hand Split Granite Posts

Stones of the Past



My passion for stone has led me down some wonderful roads and this is proving to be one of the most exciting. I have discovered what I believe to be the largest collection of Native stonework in New England. Please join me as I share my discoveries at

This is VERY exciting.


New England Fieldstone Flagging and Wallstone

The following work was done by Joseph Blue with Blue Stone Masonry. He can be reached a or

New England Fieldstone has been used to create this retaining wall. Heavily weathered surfaces have been preserved by our carefully salvaging techniques and Joe’s soft touch.


Large chunks of New England Fieldstone and Reclaimed Granite were used for sitting areas around the perimeter of the patio. Irregular bluestone flagging was installed as the finished patio.



New England Steppers create this three step set. These stones were carefully salvaged from a 18th century Federal home in Dudley, Ma. Many of the original markings from being split are still evident on the edges. Contact us today for materials like you see and make sure to email Joe if you’d like to have work like this done at on your property.





The Raven

And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting

On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;

And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,

And the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor

Shall be lifted—nevermore! – -Poe-




Custom Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Stone of New England can help create one of a kind stone fireplace surrounds. We use our extensive pieces of salvaged granite to match any projects needs. We have stones in all shapes and sizes and can finish to and dimension.

Granite Fireplace Surround , Hearth, and Mantle

Granite Fireplace Surround , Hearth, and Mantle

Granite Fireplace Surround and Hearth

Granite Fireplace Surround and Hearth

Installed in Clients Home

Installed in Clients Home

Spring is ALMOST HERE!

This was one of our favorite projects from the past few years.  These stones were engraved in posts set in alignment with the equinox and solstice.


Engraved Stone Post

Engraved Stone Post

Unique Garden Accents

At Stone of New England we have the knowledge and the tools to create on of a kind stone landscape accents. Bird baths, hand split posts and salvaged well stones are all items available in our yard.

This bird bath was created out of a piece of granite from a local mill salvage. The six hundred pound stone was rough cut and then hand finished to its final shape. Our inventory consists of hundreds of pieces that can be worked to your specifications. Contact us today for your special stone request.

Reclaimed Granite Birdbath

Reclaimed Granite Birdbath

This well stone was carefully salvaged from a farm in Rhode Island. It measured roughly six foot in diameter and weighed over one-thousand pounds.

65" Wellstone

65″ Wellstone

Reclaimed Granite Posts

We have dozens of reclaimed granite posts salvaged from farms and homes across New England.

Do you have a project that requires reclaimed granite and stone? We would love to help source the finest in salvaged stone.

Here are examples of many of the stones we have found over the past year.

Reclaimed Farm Posts - Fieldstone w/ Iron

Reclaimed Farm Posts – Fieldstone w/ Iron


Granite Gate Posts Refurbished

Granite Gate Posts Refurbished

Original Hardware for Wire Fencing

Original Hardware for Wire Fencing

We Are Open and Ready to GO!

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

We are now open in Charlton and ready to provide you with the finest in reclaimed and salvaged stone products.

Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 7am-4pm and Saturday 8am-12pm.

We are happy to help with an aspect of your project including the initial design and estimation of materials as well as referrals to local contractors for installation or just excavation of the site!

Reclaimed Granite Curbing

Granite Fire Pit

Granite Fire Pit

Reclaimed granite curbing was used for the patio and fire pit. Salvaged bluetone veneer was used to accent the fire pit surround. This material was installed on a properly prepared gravel base and finished with a stabilizing sand to fill the joints.

We have hundreds of square feet of material in a variety of colors. Contact us today for pricing!

    Reclaimed Granite Curbing

Reclaimed Granite Curbing

Lichen and More…

We love finding these beautiful treasures in the woods!

Weathered Granite Ledge

Weathered Granite Ledge

Lichen and Moss

Lichen and Moss

Lichen and Moss

Lichen and Moss

Lichen and Moss

Lichen and Moss

New England Fieldstone

We have a huge inventory of New England Fieldstone. Our stone is carefully salvaged from local barns, homes and walls that are being demolished.

This project was completed using our New England Flagging and Slab Stock.

Contact us if you are interested in any New England Fieldstone materials.



Salvaged Granite Stock

This granite is a unique color with square faces and sharp corners. This stone was once quarried for the developing construction of the railroad bridges across New England.

We are sorting the stones by size and doing loose and palletized loads of material. We can custom fabricate the stock finishing it to your specs for any job!

This stone is heavily weathered and we are carefully handling it to your home.

Cobbles and small wall stone are the most prevalent and packaged in 3000lb pallets and 20 ton containers.


Large patches of moss and lichen cover the stones from decades of weathering and exposure.









New England Fieldstone Flats

We recently took a load of New England Flat Fieldstone in our Charlton yard. These pallets are gorgeous and great for capping and flagging applications as well as traditional walls.

The supply of this stone is always limited. Contact us today for pricing and availability.



Granite Hitching Posts

Granite Hitching posts are a staple in most traditional New England farms. We have a large inventory and ability to craft or salvage one of a kind stones that will make your job unique from all others.

For more examples of Hitching Posts please follow the link HERE


Granite Benches


We have created dozens of custom granite benches for customers across New England. Let our creative eye and extensive stock work for YOU. We can design any shape or size from big to small.

Contact Henry @ 508.248.4044 for more info and pricing.



Green-Stone can be any kind of natural stone reclaimed and sold in place of a newly quarried stone.

If your looking to build green than there’s no other choice for stone products. Whether it’s a chimney or fireplace veneer, patio, walkway or outdoor landscape there’s a Green-Stone that can be sourced.

We have a large selection of Green-Stone stamped products such as:

Architectural Stone Elements
Curbing and Step Stock
Granite Foundations
Hand-Split Granite Fence Posts and Mailbox Posts
Large Weathered Flagging
Limestone Barn Foundations
Native Fieldstones
Reclaimed Quarry Stock *
Used Cobbles

We’ve put Green-Stone on projects across New England and are excited to offer the widest selection of environmentally conscious landscaping and masonry products.

If there’s a stone you’ve been thinking about using contact us today to find out about Green-Stone options. Each stone we work with carries it’s own history and lineage. It’s our goal to preserve those elements while offering cost effective and green materials to our clients.

Green-Stone is available exclusively from Stone of New England.

Granite Steps and Posts

We are currently cleaning the yard and have come across some great items in our inventory.

Granite posts of all shapes and sizes including some large hand split pieces as well as a dozen 7’10” window sills that would be ideal fence posts.

Reclaimed Granite Step Set- 36" Wide

Reclaimed Granite Step Set- 36″ Wide

Granite Hitching Posts

Granite Hitching Posts

Our granite stock has also been sorted and stacked. Steps are an abundant product and we are able to compile any amount for your project.

Contact us in Charlton @ 508.248.4044

Thanks so much!

Rev Abiel Williams Home in Dudley, MA

A friend of ours recently acquired this historic property in Dudley, MA. Years of neglect will require it to be dismantled . Each piece of wood and stone will be repurposed and brought to our Charlton, MA yard.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the stone or wood materials from this 1780’s federal style home.

Here is a link to the Preservation Mass flickr portfolio. Great pictures!

Rev. Abiel Williams House, Dudley

East Brookfield Train Station

Last winter we salvaged the East Brookfield Train Station. It is a rare example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture and containted Kibbe Brownstone and Milford Pink Granite from the Norcross Quarries.

We have all of the stone in Charlton, MA and can provide sizing for restoration projects.


Cranston Print Works – Webster, MA

We were able to salvage hundreds of bluestone and granite window sills from the Cranston Print Works deconstruction project.

This mill property was located in Webster, MA for over 100 years. The bluestone is hand pitched and finished. The granite is a beautiful salmon tone.

Reclaimed Sills in Stock

Reclaimed Sills in Stock

Worcester State Hospital Granite

We have hundreds of tons of reclaimed granite veneer from the Worcester State Hospital deconstruction project.

Window lintels and sills were carefully salvaged and are stored in Charlton, MA. They would make ideal fireplace surrounds or reused as a lintel or sill. We can custom size any stone for your specific installation.

Reclaimed stone inventory in Charlton, MA

Reclaimed stone inventory in Charlton, MA

Spring is HERE!

Hello and thanks for dropping by the site.  The winter months gave us time to increase our inventory!

We recently acquired:

300 tons of Square and Rectangular Veneer /Wallstone

100+ Hand Tooled Window Lintels and Sills

Thousands of Feet of Reclaimed Granite Curbing

Thin New England Fieldstone

Large Weathered New England Fieldstone Flagging

New England Fieldstone Steps and Slabs

…and so much more!


Stone of New England is happy to announce we now accept Bitcoins. We are the first supply company in New England , possibly the world (we’re checking) to accept Bitcoins as payment. Please contact us today if you would like to purchase reclaimed stone with Bitcoins.

We Accept Bitcoins!!!

We Accept Bitcoins!!!

Pallas Athena – Long Island, NY

Stepping Stones Leading to Stone Circle

Stepping Stones Leading to Stone Circle

Reclaimed granite stepping stones lead the visitor towards a hand split granite post. The post is engraved with Pallas Athena, an excerpt from Poe’s work “The Raven”.


Stone Circle – Long Island , New York

Granite Wellstone in Center

Omnia Mutantur Nihil Interit – Everything Changes ~ Nothing Perishes

This granite well stone was salvaged in Barre, Ma. It now sits on Long Island, NY. The engraving’s translation is ” everything changes…nothing perishes” .

Located in the center, below the stone, is a hand chisels granite basin to hold water. The reflection is a great compliment to the design.


A good friend of mine designed this beautiful landscape. I was fortunate enough to be able to be part.

We supplied four hand split posts, a granite bench, a wellstone, granite stepping stones, granite keystones and a hand carved granite basin.

Many of the stones were engraved as well. There will be plenty of photos to come!

Installation in Bridgehapmton, NY

Installation in Bridgehampton, NY

Granite Wellstone – Rhode Island

Granite Wellstone

Granite Wellstone

This is my favorite photo I’ve ever taken of a stone. I hope you enjoy.





In the Woods in Warren, Ma

Warren, Ma

Warren, Ma

Reclaimed Granite Step Sets

Reclaimed Granite Step Sets

Reclaimed Granite Step Sets

This great set of granite steps was carefully salvaged over the past week. The overall width is 5’8″, the steps being 48″ wide. Chiseled sides dress the left and right of the steps. We can create one set with six steps or three sets with two each. Contact us today for more info and pricing about salvaged granite steps.




I Buy Old Granite and Stone.


Do you or someone you know have a pile of granite or stone worth salvaging? Please contact us today . We are currently looking to expand our inventory of granite and stone. Architectural stone accents, granite landings and granite steps, granite posts and granite lintels, granite foundation stones and granite millstones or wellstones. We can buy your granite today and carefully remove the material with our equipment. If you have granite curbing or granite cobblestones we accept bulk deliveries in our Charlton yard. No order of granite is to small.

Newport Granite Posts

These unique granite posts were salvaged from the woods in White River Junction. I was told they once were installed around a prominent sheep farm in Vermont. We originally reclaimed ten posts. Five posts were sent down to Milford, CT. These remaining five are now installed in downtown Newport near the Breakers Mansion. Please contact us today if you are looking for authentic New England granite posts.

Trinity Church Boston, Ma – Kibbe Brownstone

Trinity Church Boston, Ma

Trinity Church Boston, Ma

Trinity Church Boston, Ma

Trinity Church Boston, Ma

Trinity Church Boston, Ma

Trinity Church Boston, Ma

We are very fortunate to have roughly 150 cubic feet of Kibbe Brownstone from the acclaimed Norcross Quarry in East Longmeadow, Ma.

Contact us today for inventory and pricing.

Views of Warren, Ma

Cows in Warren, Ma

Cows in Warren, Ma

Cows in Warren, MA

Cows in Warren, MA


Deep Woods Breathe Together

Deep Woods Warren, Ma

Deep Woods Warren, Ma

The Stone Turtle?

Stone Turtle Effigey

Stone Turtle Effigey

This treasure was unearthed while hiking. Is it a butterfly or a turtle? Either way it appears to be similar to other effigies in New England. I like to envision Big Panther reflecting on his ancestors while visiting the Colonel. Other standing stones and boulders mark the landscape.



Lelandville – Charlton, Ma

This is a great example of a colonial factory and mill. The foundation is still intact although heavily deteriorated in sections. It is along the beginning of the Little River between Charlton Reservoir and Pier Point in Dudley, Ma. There is quite alot of history to this area including old and forgotten quarries.

The photos below show a locally quarried granite. The material was split within 1/2 mile of the property. Millstones and other unique elements adorn adjacent properties. Our inventory includes large blocks of stone that would install very similarly. Please contact us today if you are interested in having authentic looking stone for your landscape or masonry project.

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A Special Stone Circle

The following pieces are going to be installed in a large stone circle design. We will have many photos to come of this great project.

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Back to Colonels Mountain

Theses pictures were taken while hiking the Colonel.

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Reclaimed Granite Edging and Steps

One of our most skilled do-it-yourself clients created this edged walkway and granite step installation. A big thanks for the business and the photos!

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Granite Curbing and Estate Steps

One of our largest projects over the past few years included nearly five-hundred feet of reclaimed granite curbing and a very unique set of granite steps.

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Boss Landscaping – Hand Split Granite Posts

This job was recently completed by Boss Landscaping of Quinebaug, Connecticut.  We were able to supply hand split granite posts from our inventory of reclaimed material. Make sure to contact Rich Boss with Boss Landscaping.

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Colonels Mountain

This is my favorite place to spend any extra time. Natives lived within the hills and treated the land with love and respect. These woods have held on to their spirit. It’s something in the air here.

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Gold Hill Cemetery, Colorado

Cemetery in Colorado

Taken at Gold Hill Cemetery in Colorado.

Flagstaff, Colorado

Tree at Flagstaff, CO

I took this while visiting Boulder, CO. Atop Flagstaff.


Hand Split Granite Posts

Hand Split Granite Posts

Hand Split Granite Posts

This stone was hand split using traditional methods and techniques. We installed a stock iron ring for the client. We would be happy to install and bracket or fixture to our granite posts to customize the installation.
Please contact us today if you are interested in a reclaimed granite post.


Boulder in Boulder, CO

Boulder in Boulder, CO

Boulder in Boulder, CO

This stone sits proud in downtown Boulder. The Pearl Street shopping commons is home to a few beautiful rock sculptures. This stone must have stood fifteen feet tall.

Granite Boundary Markers

These stones were broken window sills salvaged from a mill in Auburn , MA. This project took place five years ago. These stones are being repurposed and being installed as boundary markers on a clients property. The stones will mark the corners and outline the bounds.
Our inventory is large and consists of thousands of pieces of granite. Let our experience and understanding of stone help you in finding the perfect solution for your landscape application.

Thousands of Feet of Granite Curbing!

We have been receiving  load after load of reclaimed granite curbing.

This is the best curbing you can find. One side is flat and finished while the other is rough and natural. Two great options.

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Reclaimed Granite Step Installation

Here is a great example of Reclaimed Granite being used as a step. They guys over at Yard Max Inc. did a great job installing these two granite steps. Make sure to contact them if your interested in any type of landscaping!

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Lichen Covered New England Fieldstone

This one of a kind boulder was sorted out of the woods in Connecticut. It has beautiful weathering. The lichen has taken over most of the rock. This would be ideal in a darker shady spot of your landscape. Contact us today if you are interested in Weathered New England Fieldstone Boulders.

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Oversized Stone Slabs

Oversized Stone Slabs

We have these two beautiful stone slabs in the yard. Each cover atleast 32 square feet. They have a great natural roll and pitch to them and would be ideal to use with water features.


Granite Gate Posts – Warren, Ma

Granite Gate Posts – Warren, Ma

These two posts were donated to the Town of Warren and installed at the South Warren Cemetery. They are roughly 8″ square and 80″ long. The gate was produced by a local black smith.






Landscaping Updates!

The photos keep on coming and they just get better and better!

Reclaimed Granite Patio and Firepit

Reclaimed Curbing Patio

This was done by a good friend of our Josh. Reclaimed granite was used as the walking surface combined with a concrete circle kit ,  used cobblestones and a bluestone inlay salvaged from Amherst, Ma. What a package!

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New England Fieldstone Slabs

New England Fieldstone Slabs

We have a great inventory of New England Fieldstone Slabs in stock. Please contact us today if you are interested in  New England Field stone or any other fieldstone product. We also sell granite slabs as well as bluestone slabs.







Millbury Estate Salmon Foundation Stones

While salvaging the stone from Millbury last year we discovered an addition built over the past one hundred years. It appeared, by debris found, to be the milking room. This stone must have been quarried off the property considering its rougher hewn finish and similarities to the make up, not color, of other stones in the area.

This material would be ideal for siting walls or decorative features within a landscape or masonry installation.


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Granite and Natural Stone Benches

There’s nothing better than getting creative with stone. We love coming up with one of a kind ideas that will truly separate your design from the rest. Our extensive inventory of granite and natural stone allows us to create any style or size bench you might have in mind. Email us today at


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Granite and Stone Driveway Posts

We have a large inventory of oversized granite posts ideal for driveway posts and markers.

Contact us today if your interested in Granite Driveway Posts or any other natural stone post.

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Reclaimed Stone Posts

These posts were carefully salvaged from a home in Harmonyville, RI.

They are some of the oldest pieces we have. They were split on the property in the late 1700’s. The iron is still in place on many of the posts.

We have a limited inventory of these authentic Farm Posts. Contact us today for any stone post need.

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Granite Fireplace Surround, Hearth & Mantle

This is a great use of reclaimed granite foundation sills. The mason fabricated them into one of a kind pieces. The natural grain of the stone is highlighted.

We have granite available in many colors to fit the design and stlye.

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Lancaster Horse Farm – Reclaimed Granite Steps

It was wonderful working with this client in Lancaster, Ma. Both the homeowner and mason we eager to get to work using reclaimed granite from the Millbury Estate.
Many of the steps used in the project were over eight feet long with some as long as ten, eleven and twelve feet.

We look forward to more photos as the landscape design and planting are implemented.
Thanks you for your business. It looks GREAT!

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Laurel Hill Landscaping – Granite Steps and Landings

One of of great customers Robert Nixon from Laurel Hill Landscaping purchased these three colonial landings and steps. All three stones were quarried locally from 1805-1875.

Please visit Robert site at

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Reclaimed Granite Curbing- Square and Rectangular Veneer

This stone has been sorted and palletized as a square and rectangular veneer. The client was interested in using the stones as quoins in a stone veneer.

We have dozens of pallets ready to be shipped out. Our stone is packaged in 3000lb pallets and hand selected for its uniformity.

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Coastal Maine Granite Delivery

We were fortunate enough to get in order in Harpswell, Maine. This beautiful coastal Maine town 3 hours north of our Charlton yard.

We hand split nearly eighty linear feet of 6″ square edging along with one seven foot long granite mailbox post.

We hope to have installed pictures in the future.

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New England Fieldstone

New England Fieldstone is a great material for any landscaping or masonry project. We sell hundreds of tons of fieldstone each year. Contact us today for pricing. 20120621-170812.jpg

Granite Hitching Posts

Here are three great examples of reclaimed granite posts with newly installed iron rings. We can install any decorative bracket or hardware you may already have as well.




In my travels I often spot unique stones. Here is an example of an authentic granite millstone.

Custom Granite Step Sets




We can hand fabricate any size granite step set using traditional reclaimed stone. Contact us today for pricing.

Weathered Fieldstone Steppers

Weathered Fieldstone Slabs


We have over one hundred tons of natural New England Fieldstone steppers and slabs. These stones were removed from an 1806 home built in Millbury, Ma. We can load dumpsters or make pallets are needed. Contact us today for the finest in reclaimed and salvaged stone.

Reclaimed Granite Curbing

We have thousands of feet of reclaimed granite curbing available. Contact us today if you are interested in any size order. We also hand split smaller edging for garden applications. Make sure to ask about smaller sizes that are easy to handle. We can provide cost effective solutions for delivery as well.

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The Unique Colors of Granite

The colors of stone are endless. We want to do our best to provide you with as many options as possible. Our stones are always sorted for their color and textures. Contact us today if you have a specific color granite or stone you need for any landscape or masonry project.

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Oversized Granite Slabs

We were fortunate to salvage these oversized granite slabs. They sat along front a barn built in 1794. Most of these stones are 3’x5′ or bigger. We have a few left in stock. Contact us today if you are interested in authentic weathered granite from the New England countryside. We have the most diverse and unique inventory in the area. Our network covers the entire Northeast and ability to find unique stones one of our strongest points.

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Another Angle…

Hand Split Granite Cap

Here’s another nice angle of that split.

Hand Split Granite Wedge Cap

Hand Split to Size

This stone required being split to specific measurements. The left side of the stone is 2″ thick while the right is 4″. This required more patience and extra attention to detail.

The granite cap is being installed at the Dickinson house in Amherst, Ma.

We look forward to sharing more historical restoration projects with you in the future.


Hand Split Granite Edging

We carefully split eight linear feet of granite edging. This material is being delivered to Maine next week. This is a great example of taking reclaimed granite and turning it into something useful.

We can hand split and size order for you. Please contact us today if you are interested in having custom stone work using salvaged stone.

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Hand Split Garden Edging


We carefully hand split these granite posts for garden edging.

Granite Curbing

We have hundreds of pieces of granite curb in Charlton.20120514-190052.jpg

Granite Color Swatches

Here are some great color swatches of granite in our yard. The blue/grey stone came from Charlton, Ma while the rust tones are on a stone from Grafton, Ma.

We love taking photos of stone. These are just some more examples of the uniqueness each stone presents!

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New England Fieldstone

We have hundreds of tons of Reclaimed New England Fieldstone. Our inventory was carefully salvaged from a nineteenth century estate in Millbury, Ma.

We are currently sorting stones and loading dumpsters, pallets and trucks. Contact is today if you are interested in any shape or size of New England Fieldstone including boulders, garden path stones, thin wallstone, New England Fieldstone Veneer or any other type of New England Fieldstone products.

New England Fieldstone Pallet

Reclaimed Granite Stepping Stones

These stones are easy to handle and even easier on the wallet. Great for meandering paths and sweeping slopes. We have dozens and dozens of matching stepping stones.

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Sawn Bluestone Veneer

Sawn Bluestone Veneer

Sawn Bluestone Veneer

This is a perfect example of what we love. Unique stone that has history. This stone was salvaged from a local university and has been carefully cleaned and sorted. We have twenty tons, close to 600 square feet , of packaged stone. Contact us today if you would like to secure this stone along with forty more tons coming in soon!

Reclaimed Granite Steps

Reclaimed Granite Steps

Reclaimed Granite Steps

Our Charlton yard is home to thousands of pieces of granite and hundreds of granite steps.  These are some of our smaller three and four foot pieces. We sort them by size and package them to be shipped anywhere. Contact us today if your are looking to use reclaimed granite in your landscape design today.

Millyard Granite Stock

Millyard Granite Stock

Millyard Granite Stock

The Millyard Granite Stock was salvaged from South St. in Ware, Ma. We have over one hundred feet of material in our Charlton yard. These stones average twenty-four inches wide and most are eight feet long or greater. These would be ideal for wall coping, posts or oversized steps. Contact us today if you are looking to incorporate reclaimed granite steps into your landscape. We have an extensive inventory of salvaged stone for any landscape or masonry project.





Oversized Irregular Stone Slabs

These two stones measure almost ten feet across. They both have unique blue tones. The squarer of the two stones was salvaged from the Millbury Residence. It was a stone used in a roof of a cellar entrance. These are ideal for landings or center pieces for a natural flagging patio. Contact us today if you are interested in any type of natural stone.

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Oversized “Rustic” Stone Slabs

We have access to sixty tons of oversized rustic stone slabs. These slabs have iron deposits which give them their red tones. These stones are NOT brittle and soft. Many of the stones are nearly five foot square and carry a 6″ thickness. Contact us today if you are looking for a great way to cover ALOT of ground. The price is right on this stuff!

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Reclaimed Granite Blocks

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These stones along with hundreds of tons of others were salvaged from a mill building in Auburn, Ma. The building was built in 1903 and housed a chain manufacturer. We have hundreds of unique elements from the building including granite lintels, keystones, trimstones and more.

Contact us today if your are interested in buying or selling granite salvaged from across New England.

Warren Farmhouse Granite Stock

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This foundation stone was salvaged from a project on Route 67 in Warren, Ma. It is being reused as a step. We have a great inventory of colonial and turn of the century granite products. This includes foundations stones, fence posts, steps and slabs as well as unique items like Millstones and Wellstones. Contact us today for you reclaimed and salvaged stone needs.

Leominster Square-Rectangle Granite Veneer

Leominster Granite Veneer

Leominster Granite Veneer

Leominster Granite Veneer
Leominster Granite Veneer


We were able to salvage all of the granite material from this turn of the century home in Leominster. Included in the inventory – large granite steps, dimensional square and rectangle veneer (20 tons), as well as stair treads and ornate coping stones. Contact us today if you are interested in authentic reclaimed granite and stone from across New England.

Granite Hitching Posts

Granite Hitching Post

Granite Hitching Post

We recently created four matching hitching posts for a customer. These stones measured 48″ long and were roughly 6″ square. We installed the hitching rings as well. We have the inventory to create any amount of granite posts. We us traditional splitting techniques to insure that every stone looks like it has been there for years. Contact us today if you are interested in granite posts of any sort.






Granite Post Inventory

We have been working hard to set up a client friendly yard. This includes sorting and organizing each and every stone. Our post display has proven to be a great success. With 8 posts sold in the first week I am sure it will be keeping us busy.

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Granite Step Sets

For years we have been carefully salvaging granite ans stone from across New England. It is with this great inventory that we are able to create one of a kind granite step sets. These sets can range from 24″-144″ wide. The average rise is 6″-8″ and some stones are as deep as 36″.  If having a piece of history in your  yard is exciting and important that contact us today! We have stones from barn foundation, farms, old churches and buildings.

Civil War Cemetery Burial Stones

The artistry on these stones is amazing. I’m so happy to have been able to see this place.

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New England Civil War Cemetery

My wife and I stumbled upon this Civil War Cemetery in New Braintree, Ma.

The stone work was worth the stop. We’ll have some more photos shortly!

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