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Lelandville, Charlton, Ma

Lelandville, Charlton, Ma

Colonels Mountain - Eastern Face

Colonels Mountain – Eastern Face

Granite Hitching Posts

We produce dozens of granite hitching posts each year for clients. Our large inventory of granite allows us to give you many options for each job. We stock many unique colors of reclaimed and salvaged granite and stone for hitching posts. We use traditional methods of splitting the stone to insure an authentic look.

Do you have old hardware you would like us to install as well? We are able to help create any ideas you may have. Contact us today for more info about hand split granite hitching posts.

Hand Split Granite Posts

Hand Split Granite Posts

Stones of the Past



My passion for stone has led me down some wonderful roads and this is proving to be one of the most exciting. I have discovered what I believe to be the largest collection of Native stonework in New England. Please join me as I share my discoveries at

This is VERY exciting.


New England Fieldstone Flagging and Wallstone

The following work was done by Joseph Blue with Blue Stone Masonry. He can be reached a or

New England Fieldstone has been used to create this retaining wall. Heavily weathered surfaces have been preserved by our carefully salvaging techniques and Joe’s soft touch.


Large chunks of New England Fieldstone and Reclaimed Granite were used for sitting areas around the perimeter of the patio. Irregular bluestone flagging was installed as the finished patio.



New England Steppers create this three step set. These stones were carefully salvaged from a 18th century Federal home in Dudley, Ma. Many of the original markings from being split are still evident on the edges. Contact us today for materials like you see and make sure to email Joe if you’d like to have work like this done at on your property.





The Raven

And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting

On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;

And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,

And the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;

And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor

Shall be lifted—nevermore! - -Poe-

IMG_5352 IMG_5365 IMG_5359

Custom Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Stone of New England can help create one of a kind stone fireplace surrounds. We use our extensive pieces of salvaged granite to match any projects needs. We have stones in all shapes and sizes and can finish to and dimension.

Granite Fireplace Surround , Hearth, and Mantle

Granite Fireplace Surround , Hearth, and Mantle

Granite Fireplace Surround and Hearth

Granite Fireplace Surround and Hearth

Installed in Clients Home

Installed in Clients Home

Spring is ALMOST HERE!

This was one of our favorite projects from the past few years.  These stones were engraved in posts set in alignment with the equinox and solstice.


Engraved Stone Post

Engraved Stone Post

Unique Garden Accents

At Stone of New England we have the knowledge and the tools to create on of a kind stone landscape accents. Bird baths, hand split posts and salvaged well stones are all items available in our yard.

This bird bath was created out of a piece of granite from a local mill salvage. The six hundred pound stone was rough cut and then hand finished to its final shape. Our inventory consists of hundreds of pieces that can be worked to your specifications. Contact us today for your special stone request.

Reclaimed Granite Birdbath

Reclaimed Granite Birdbath

This well stone was carefully salvaged from a farm in Rhode Island. It measured roughly six foot in diameter and weighed over one-thousand pounds.

65" Wellstone

65″ Wellstone

Reclaimed Granite Posts

We have dozens of reclaimed granite posts salvaged from farms and homes across New England.

Do you have a project that requires reclaimed granite and stone? We would love to help source the finest in salvaged stone.

Here are examples of many of the stones we have found over the past year.

Reclaimed Farm Posts - Fieldstone w/ Iron

Reclaimed Farm Posts – Fieldstone w/ Iron


Granite Gate Posts Refurbished

Granite Gate Posts Refurbished

Original Hardware for Wire Fencing

Original Hardware for Wire Fencing

We Are Open and Ready to GO!

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

We are now open in Charlton and ready to provide you with the finest in reclaimed and salvaged stone products.

Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 7am-4pm and Saturday 8am-12pm.

We are happy to help with an aspect of your project including the initial design and estimation of materials as well as referrals to local contractors for installation or just excavation of the site!

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